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Your Guide to Selling a Luxury Home in Frisco, TX

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Location is a factor that’s always a top priority for anyone looking for a new home, which is certainly an advantage for homeowners in Frisco.

The city – with its laidback setting, top-performing public schools, strong economy, beautiful weather, and an array of attractions and destinations – is a terrific option for anyone looking for the perfect place to live, work, and play.

But even if the location is enough to sell itself, you, as a luxury home seller, will still need to take the proper steps to make sure that:

  • You attract qualified luxury homebuyers
  • The offers you receive match or exceed your asking price
  • You can sell your luxury home as quickly and as profitably as possible
  • You work with a real estate agent who specializes in luxury homes and knows how to listen to you

If you’re planning to list a luxury home for sale in Frisco, TX, you’ve come to the right place! On this page, we give you a few home selling tips and other information that will help you get a top-dollar deal for your property.

Sell your Frisco, TX luxury home the right way.

House model on Sales key

As a luxury home seller, your main goal is to tell your home’s “story.” You want to highlight the experience of living in the home by honing in on the elements that make it exceptional – and then weaving all of it into a story that makes your listing come alive.

To make your luxury home stand out and get the attention of the right buyers, you will also need to be ready for many of the unique challenges that come with selling high-end homes. Be prepared to appeal to a narrower subset of buyers. Work with your luxury home specialist to discuss a marketing plan that targets the right kind of buyer.

If you’re selling a luxury home for the first time, here are some important tips to keep in mind.

  1. To sell a high-end home, you need high-end service

    Selling a home in the luxury market is essentially the real estate equivalent of playing in the big leagues. That said, you want to have a heavy-hitter at your side, someone who has a wealth of experience and the marketing savvy required to deal with high-end properties.

    Anyone can go online to browse listings, schedule viewings, or even view previous sales and property assessments through municipal websites. However, luxury Realtors work in local markets daily, providing clients with on-the-ground insight and valuable advice – something you’re unlikely to get even if you spend all day researching online.

    Luxury real estate agents keep a finger on the pulse of the market. As specialists, they can identify changes and trends that will affect the outcome of putting your home on the market. They’ll know whether a specific neighborhood is trending up or down and provide nuanced information on the factors causing the decline or surge in home sales.

    If you don’t need to sell your home immediately, they’ll let you know whether it’s the right time to proceed or put your plans on hold in the meantime.

  2. A luxury home specialist knows how to highlight your home’s best features

    Luxury patio and garden of a home in dallas tx

    Luxury homebuyers know precisely what they’re looking for, which is why it’s essential to highlight all of your home’s finest details.

    From high-end designer finishes to exquisite exterior features, the selling points of your home should be placed front and center in all of your marketing and staging efforts.

    Don’t assume that potential buyers will be able to spot your home’s standout features on their own. Pointing out finishes and architectural details unique to your home or its state-of-the-art security features can give your luxury home an advantage over similar properties for sale.

    Provide your agent with details that make your home one of a kind. Your agent will weigh them against what luxury homebuyers are looking for at the moment. A global luxury real estate report released in early 2021 shows that acreage, tech features, and intangibles such as family, health, space, and security are especially valued by high-end buyers.

  3. Explore an array of marketing channels

    To get the attention of buyers looking for the best luxury homes, you need to put your best foot forward.

    Selecting a professional real estate photographer to capture the best parts of your home at the most optimum time of day (or night) is critical; your real estate agent will also use these materials market your home properly.

    The quality of the images on your listing matters, especially if you want your home to appeal to buyers who might be abroad or out of state and can’t visit your property in person.

    Your goal is to make an excellent first impression to generate inquiries that will result in a sale. To find the right person for the job, your agent will tap into their network of allied professionals for a skilled photographer who can make your home look its best.

    Videos and virtual tours of your property can also enhance your listing. Drone footage is also useful if you want to highlight your property’s location and surroundings.

  4. Stage your home

    Food under modern granite kitchen of a luxury home

    Staging your home allows potential buyers to see themselves as the property’s future homeowners. Staging also enhances the perceived value of the home. A professional stager can showcase all of the features and amenities that make your home luxurious and desirable.

    For example, suppose one of your home’s most impressive features is the lovely poolside patio. In that case, staging it will allow prospective buyers to envision it as the perfect outdoor spot for their spring or summertime gatherings. Or, to showcase that gorgeous dining room, an elegant table setting can help buyers imagine what their formal dinners could look like.

  5. Is an open house necessary?

    One of the most common questions many home sellers ask their agents is whether to have an open house or not.

    Although public open houses can be effective in selling a conventional home, it’s not always the case when it comes to luxury homes. You want to avoid having people around who are interested only in seeing the home, without any real intention to buy.

    On the other hand, a broker open house (an open house for local real estate agents) can be very effective for luxury properties. It gives agents in your area an opportunity to check out high-end homes that could be just what their buyer prospects are looking for.

  6. A little patience goes a long way

    Being patient is important when you’re selling a luxury home.

    First, there’s a limited pool of potential buyers who can afford multi-million dollar homes, so the search could take longer than usual.

    Second, luxury homes are often custom builds, with features unique to the property. While it may be easier to repurpose secret rooms, for example, there are significantly fewer buyers who will appreciate – and use – a showroom garage for a car collection.

    For these reasons, being patient while following the tips mentioned here will eventually lead to a successful sale.

Choosing the right luxury Realtor

Working with an experienced and trustworthy luxury real estate agent is perhaps the biggest key to success when you’re trying to sell a high-end property.

To find the right luxury agent, be on the lookout for the following:

  1. Experience you can count on

    While it may be true that even inexperienced yet skilled agents can deliver outstanding results, you may be taking a risk if you choose to hire someone fairly new to the business. It’s always better to work with an agent with a proven track record of closing major sales, as there’s a stronger likelihood that they’ll deliver on their promises.

    In addition to experience, you also want to choose an agent who specializes in the type of property you’re putting on the market, whether it’s a luxury home, a farm and ranch, or a condominium.

  2. Unmatched local expertise

    Shopping for a home in dallas tx

    Pricing is one of the most challenging aspects of listing a luxury property. To set a strategic and competitive price for your luxury home, get someone local, someone who knows the ins and outs of your community.

    They will know how to price your property based on similar homes in the same general area. They will compare your home to recently sold properties and factor in current and emerging trends. They will know the listed and unlisted high-end homes in your area. And they will have personally seen the interiors of many of these homes.

    As such, you can trust these agents to bring their local expertise to bear when they help you price your home.

  3. Commitment and dedication to their job

    Luxury real estate is a dynamic market, especially post-pandemic. So you want someone who works as a luxury Realtor full-time. The best high-end agents will be available at your request and can provide maximum flexibility and responsiveness.

    Selecting a full-time luxury Realtor saves you time and guarantees less stress on your part.

  4. A winning personality

    A luxury real estate agent with a confident yet approachable demeanor will make clients more comfortable, which gives buyers more confidence in the decisions they make.

    Along with their qualifications, you want a Realtor that gets you. They’ll take the time to find out about your goals beyond the sale of your property. They’ll respect your wishes but know how to keep you on track.

    Compatibility is also key. You want someone easy to work with, whose personality compliments your own.

  5. Thinks out of the box

    A luxury agent who knows how to use cutting-edge marketing strategies will be able to attract the right buyers to your home. They have all of the marketing skills needed to expand the reach of any luxury home, locally and beyond.

    When it comes to marketing, variety is key. Look for an agent who has all applicable marketing channels at their disposal, whether it’s social media, local publications, direct mail, virtual presentations, or traditional flyers and brochures.

  6. A smart and savvy negotiator

    When you’re putting a luxury property on the market, your real estate agent is your advocate, which is why they need to possess effective negotiation skills. You want someone assertive and highly informed – but not pushy.

    At the negotiation table, they engender trust. They ask questions and listen carefully. They’re keen on reaching a solution that’s fair to both parties. Just as you want a Realtor that complements your personality, you also want someone who won’t turn off buyers.

  7. Knows how to tell a story

    Putting a home on the luxury market isn’t simply about selling a home – it’s about selling a lifestyle. You want someone who’ll be able to deliver that on a silver platter.

    Skilled luxury real estate agents know this well. They can paint a priceless portrait to get the attention of prospective buyers. They can gather the best qualities of the neighborhood and community and add them as a desirable element of the story. They focus on the type of lifestyle provided by the luxury home, collecting information and incorporating it into a story that connects the home to the goals and the type of lifestyle buyers aim to achieve.

Work with an award-winning agent and expert negotiator.

For luxury homes for sale in Frisco, TX, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more accomplished and skilled Realtor than Lori Vaden.

With more than 20 years of experience marketing homes in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Lori is known for her proven negotiation skills, cutting-edge marketing strategies, and unparalleled client service. She has been voted Best Realtor D Magazine year after year and is ranked in the Top 1% of Realtors Nationwide.

Lori’s experience and expertise are guaranteed to pave the way towards a successful home sale! Get in touch with her and her exceptional team of Realtors at the Lori Vaden Group today! Call 214.769.1015 or send an email to lori(dotted)vaden(at)compass(dotted)com